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Lesson 4 of the Trans4mator course for Mastery and Happiness

When it is complete, you will be able to download this as an easily printable file.


- Before the Trans4mator
- The most valuable healing technique
- How the energetic techniques work
- Virtual and substitute treatment
- The steps of ETT (Energetic Trans4mator Techniques)
- Tuning in to the problem through the problem definition and the regulating affirmations
- The closing statement
- Negative beliefs you can have about money.
- Step 1 and 2: problem definition and regulation.
- The content of the treatment
- The duration of the treatment
- Emotional motives
- Be as specific as possible
- Emotional motives are very important
- The importance of persistence
- Resistance to change
- Some background information about energetic resistance
- Measuring energetic resistance with the armtest or another muscle test
- Energetic resistance can stop people from applying the effective Trans4mator technique
- What to do if energetic resistance is blocking your progress
- Step 2: the treatment and the energy points in the Trans4mator procedure
- Step 3: the brain synchronisation
- Step 4: Treating and testing the other side of the body
- The short procedures
- Extra tips for application of the Energetic Trans4mator techniques
- Look for changes in your behavior and in your self image
- An overview of the Energetic Trans4mator techniques
- A picture of all points of the Energetic Trans4mator techniques

Before the Trans4mator

This lesson is about the energetic techniques of the Trans4mator. You learn these first, in order to apply them quickly and easily in the Trans4mator procedure.
In this procedure we ask some questions and we do quick, easy exercises. If we still have negative feelings after measuring, we apply the energetic techniques.
In the complete Trans4mator procedure you learn to eliminate obstacles for the fulfilment of your life mission and satisfaction in life. And you will apply the core question of the Trans4mator, which changes your life miraculously.

In the Trans4mator procedure we work with techniques that are based on ancient Chinese and Indian wisdom. In India they found an energy system in the body, that everyone who has meditated for a while, begins to feel. This system contains energy centres that are called chakra's. The chakra's of most people who don't apply spiritual techniques are closed off. Fortunate for them, because through the chakra's a lot can come in with which you don't know what to do when you don't know what you are doing.
This is what happens to most drug users, also with the users of “legal” drugs, the so-called medicine. The energy centre on top of the head opens and they have interesting experiences. However, their thought world is not at the vibrational level that is needed to attract thought forms with a high frequency and you can see what they invite into their system: beings that do all they can to lower their frequency even more.

The energy centres that were found in India are very useful if you work with them in the right way. That means you have to be very careful. There are many schools for awakening kundalini energy in people who are not in their spiritual transformation and whose minds are not trained. Personally I know someone who was institutionalized because of that. Information enters that such a person cannot process. If you receive knowledge that doesn't fit in your frame of reference, you begin to think you are going crazy. Imagine, you lead an ordinary life, and your highest idea of spirituality is burning incense every now and then. You then go to a kundalini-course and your chakra's are opened. Suddely thoughts begin to enter that are very knowledgeable. Your little intellect is overwhelmed by ideas like “the world isn't real” and “everything here is an illusion”. And extatic or loving feelings that don't seem to belong to you, because the ego just babbles on. What is the effect of this on a human being?

That is why we work very carefully with the chakra's, the most important energy centres. I also recommend taking very good care of yourself. Some people can stand it to make rotating movements with their hands over their chakra's, but some cannot stand it at all. I have witnessed people getting nauseous and sick. As soon as you begin to feel physical discomfort, no matter how light, I advise you to stop and do the lighter exercises.

In India spiritual masters work a lot with mudra's and mantra's. A mudra is a certain posture or gesture. In our Trans4mator procedure you will encounter such energetic gestures and physical exercises.

You can compare a mantra to an affirmation, a way to make your positive intention audible. An affirmation is a positive statement about something you want to realize in your life. If you say “I always have to work hard for my money” that is an affirmation too, but a negative one. In this case a positive affirmation would be “money always comes to me effortlessly”. Here a couple of thinks are happening.
While saying a mantra the attention is focused on the ideal while one is repeating an affirmation again and again. You then try to make an image of what you desire while repeating the mantra. For instance they say in India “Shiva (a Hindu-God) is all”. They want to convince themselves that they are part of the godhead, since they are part of everything.
It's not wrong to do that. But between saying and feeling there can be a huge gap. And what is clear to anyone who knows even a little of our manifesting power is that the feeling determines everything. As soon as you can feel rich without various objections rising in you, riches will flow to you. You can see why the Energetic Trans4mator techniques are necessary. They are essential to eliminate blocks in your life that are conscious or non-conscious obstacles for the experiences you want. With these techniques you can free the way to your prosperity and happiness. And with these techniques you become a master over your life.

When I began with these energetic techniques I tried several variations that were very easy to learn. But they did not work as often as I would have liked. When they worked, the results were dramatic, but it seemed like a hit and miss procedure. When I personally worked with people I had a lot more success and I attribute that to my praying, but I was looking for a method that made people less dependent on a therapist; a method I could teach people to help themselves. And I didn't want to sell hot air. So I asked my inner guidance for help and I was guided to the Trans4mator procedure. It is quite extensive, but it did deliver the good results and profound transformation that I wanted and so the Energetic Trans4mator techniques began.
I am grateful for all the other techniques I first used, because I had to start somewhere. When there was nothing better, we were glad to have the old techniques. Now the Trans4mator is mature and it is time to recommend this very effective system in stead of other procedures that offer advantages, but leave the user too often in the cold. I am especially happy with the idea of a method for self help, so you can be your own therapist. In a crisis of course it's always better to be treated by someone else and it's also better when you notice that you're unable to break through certain blocks.

In my view the Indian and Chinese approaches complement each other perfectly. The Chinese discovered centuries ago that there are energy pathways around and through the entire body. These energy pathways are called meridians. They were also discovered in India, but the Chinese treatment system is more structured and investigated. In those pathways there are energy points, that you can treat to let the energy flow freely again. Everyone can work with the energy system, it is less radical than working with the chakra's, the main energy centres.

But in opposition to what some approaches in Energy psychology say, there are some counter-indications. There are some points you should not use randomly. The most important points are the crown and the point approximately 10 centimeter under the armpit. In acupuncture, from which all work with the meridian system is derived, they measure first if the person has no gynaecological problems before they work with the point under the armpit. Because we don't measure this point, it is advisable to avoid it. Because working with this point could have unpleasant effects. When I didn't know this, a nursing mother told me she had developed a light mammary gland inflammation. Coincidence?

I am glad that my inner guidance gave me the knowledge not to use this point anymore. There were even Chinese acupuncturists among my students and from them I learned a lot about the real Chinese meridian theory. In hindsight I can see that they were brought to me to teach me a lot too. Divine Spirit has miraculous ways to teach me. As a writer and bookworm of course I dived into books and in this way I gradually developed the the Energetic Trans4mator techniques.

When many clients told me that they benefitted more from holding or pressing the points, I switched to that. It's logical, the Chinese hold the point or press on it in acupressure and that is based on 5000 years of experience. They must have tried tapping too, but pressing had better results.

In my practice holding the energy points and pressing on them turned out to be more effective. Therefore we only tap on a few points. In research tapping on those points activated hormones or beneficial organ activity.

In the Trans4mator we also work with the breath. Breathing can be a holy activity to contact the Source in you and have experiences that go beyond all human experiences. I did “Rebirthing” in which you apply a certain breathing technique and I then had an “out of body” experience for the first time. This experience of leaving my body without being sick or almost dead, was essential to my spiritual development. By breathing in a special way I began to experience a completely different world. Many Kriya Yoga and Chinese techniques for conscious breathing are adapted and integrated in the Trans4mator.
Even though the breathing techniques of the Rebirthers can be easily used, I think it is better to learn them in a course under personal guidance. Especially since it isn't always a soft technique. Nausea, hyperventilation and dizziness often occur. That's why the Rebirthing techniques are not included in the Trans4mator.

The combination of affirmations with energetic treatment was developed by Indian masters alone. In the U.S.A. Dr. John Diamond did pioneering work with his study of the effects of affirmations combined with energy points and meridians and corresponding emotions. The book of Donna Eden was also a great source of knowledge.

I currently work with the affirmation method that I call “arguing with yourself”, in which you treat the left side of the body with negative and the right side with positive expressions.

It is also possible to combine foot reflexology with affirmations and special breathing exercises. I haven't encountered that, but it will undoubtedly become a tradition.

The techniques that you will learn in this lesson are:

  1. Energetic Trans4mator techniques (ETT)
  2. The ear tap (Temporal Tap) and the Tarzan tap
  3. Virtueal and substitute treatment
  4. The brain synchronisation
In the next lessons you will learn the Acupressure Head-treatment (AH), and the cross crawl. You will also receive special instructions to treat your food, that work truly miraculous.

The most valuable healing technique

This simple procedure is the most effective of all techniques to solve problems and attract what you really want. Later on you will learn the Acupressure Head-treatment (AH), which is shorter. That exercise we use mainly to feelualize. That word refers to the part of the Trans4mator procedure where you apply the AH and feel and visualize your goald. ETT takes more time, but it can be applied to more problems. It is especially helpful if it's hard for you to define your goal or to feel what the problem does with you.

First I want to give the most valuable technique in treating anyone, including myself. In my experience the treatment of a client is most effective when I am able to see them as whole and perfect. Actually as the Christ. The greatest master, Jesus, introduced this healing principle. Mary Baker Eddy rediscovered it and called it Christian Science and many other famous healers like Joel Goldsmith and Lillian DeWaters apply this principle effectively.

“A Course in Miracles” teaches that the world is in you and all healing is only the healing of your mind. When your mind heals, the world follows naturally. How do you do that? How can you see yourself or another as perfect and whole? You cannot do that by yourself. Therefore I ask “let me see that being or situation with the eyes of God”. You continually ask for divine help and it gets easier and easier.

Of course it's very difficult to see their wholeness, if someone sits near you and clearly has serious complaints and problems. I have learned however, to see everyone who comes to see me as a reflection of something in my mind. For instance I had a so-called frozen shoulder for a while. And during that time every client who came to see me had complaints of the shoulder. The world originates in my projections and therefore I am the only one who needs healing. By letting my projections be healed I give myself healing.

        To see your wholeness while there is something else going on is in fact also the goal of affirmations. That's why we thank a lot for things we don't experience yet. In the invisible we already have them, we are always complete, perfect and whole and lack nothing.

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