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The empowering Trans4mator procedure with techniques for children to learn spiritual principles like the law of attraction

The Trans4mator has powerful effects, even on children.
Children learn the Trans4mator effortlessly and fast and achieve marvelous results. The example of Paul illustrates that. He lives in the Netherlands and is 16 now. He began with it a few years ago when he was 11. First his mother learned it and Paul turned out to be an even better student than his mother. He learned the energy techniques and also how to make a visionboard (a board on the wall with affirmations and special images) and other Trans4mator techniques.
Of course it took some time before he was good at this. Adults usually carry a load of fears and doubts. Paul didn't, he found it very easy to give the ideas of the Trans4mator a chance. And it is becoming easier and easier for him. He is unstoppable.

Because of the Trans4mator the relationship of Paul and his mother is completely transformed. It has deepened and become a truly loving relationship filled with mutual understanding and support. In the first year he manifested thousands of euro's and a new computer. Later he was also inspired to become a model and the money is flowing to him from everywhere. He also won a color laser printer by filling out a crossword puzzle. And his achievements in school are extraordinary. He also is great in sports. He is really expanding his capacities optimally.

Some people who do the Trans4mator begin to experience their emotions for the first time in a very long time and they don't want to get rid of them. They like it to feel and end up wallowing in their sorrow. That is usually one of the greatest obstacle for the realization of your dream life. Because your dream life then consists of feeling sorrow and attracting misery. They don't want the misery, but because they want to hold on to their sorrow and pain, it is unavoidable.

A woman wrote me an email filled with self pity. After I had reacted to it, I received the following anser:
“I know I am going the wrong way about it, but I do understand myself. I have suppressed my emotions all my life and didn't even know it, or maybe I did, sometimes I went to bed to consciously create a distance. Now they often are very close under the surface and instantly present. And they have the right to surface. Under my so quiet outward appearance (and I used to be very appreciated for that) there is a volcano ready to erupt. So on the one hand it is a relief and on the other I am sending the wrong signal. I do my best to find a balance in that.”

I had not adviced her to find a balance, but to replace these feelings with positive ones using the energy techniques of the Trans4mator. Because otherwise the universe brings you more to feel sad and bad about. I have experienced often that people say they don't want to change their feelings because they now finally are in contact with them. The wilfulness of these people is really insane!

You subconsciously kept those feelings out of your consciousness while you couldn't handle them and they could threaten your existence. Now you can feel what was suppressed in you in order to eliminate it. It would be crazy to say that you want to hold on to it because you are happy to feel it. Those people don't realize that they can also have wonderful feelings, and attract wonderful things with those feelings, in stead of the familiar misery. Well, you can take a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink.
That is why it's so great to work with people who understand this and really want to apply it. And children are champions at it.

With the Trans4mator Paul has a comprehensive set of techniques to free himself of the effects of all problems and to face all challenges on his path. He learns to have a different perspective on the world and on himself and because he is so young, he doesn't have to overcome countless blocks and doubt first. He already experiences unprecedented freedom and power.
Yes, sometimes I am amazed at the ease with which kids learn to apply this.
The techniques of the Trans4mator allow him to let go of fear and negative thoughts, every feeling that he might not be good enough and all former undesirable experiences, worries and sadness.
Paul learns to use his unlimited power in natural ways to create a wonderful life.

Of course he cannot completely avoid the negative influence of important people in his life. The world of ego is full of negativity. Negative thoughts will force themselves on us as long as we are here. The effects depend on how he reacts. He has learned to use the contrast to fuel his desire with the power of a rocket and to eliminate everything that is in the way with the Trans4mator. In any case, for the rest of his life Paul has an instrument to treat the things that bother him and dissolve them. He knows how to change the level of his vibration and attract things that really make him happy. He already lives carefree in divine abundance. And of course he has his mother to thank that she taught him these techniques and wanted to share them with him. I encourage every Trans4mator student to teach what they have learned to people who are willing, because then you know what you have received.

There are some pages for kids to learn about the law of attraction and some Trans4mator techniques like the Tarzan tap at www.absolute1.net.

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