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The Course "The Trans4mator for Mastery and Happiness"
in every way and every area of your life.

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Learn self help techniques in a safe and easy way to relieve any problem.

What happens when you imagine that you are able to …

transform all challenges on your path and all relationships, including the
really difficult ones …
attune to the life of your dreams …
neutralize everything that used to upset you …
speed up your transformation into a more fulfilled, confident, joyous being …
function like a master and reveal your true potential …
order more to enjoy and speed up the process …
relate and connect the parts of your life from a balanced life …
manifest everything you want without any effort – easily …

Nature park Lelystad in the Netherlands

A thousand years ago the landscape must have looked like this. It is an impressive sight to see elk, deer, bisons or the Przewalski horse (the only ancient horses left) roaming freely. You can also see wild boars here and a large number of young animals, storks, beavers and other animals. Around and in the water live different waterbirds and amphibia. There is a centre for visitors with a movie theatre and restaurant. There I presented my new system, "The Trans4mator for Mastery and Happiness" to the world. This training includes techniques from Energy Psychology, including forms of Meridian Tapping and working with the Energy Centers, the Chakra's and psychological and spiritual techniques. "A Course in Miracles" provides the guiding principles and vision. These techniques and principles form a self-help system for everyone who wants to effectively create a more pleasant reality effortlessly and easily. This course teaches the secrets to watch the things you want (or even better experiences) appear in wonderful ways. In short, an empowering course in Mastery!

The course was a great success and the next one took place in a magnificent location in Belgium, Chateau de Petite Somme in Septon-Durbuy.

This course is for those who want better relationships, or children or more success or money, or as someone put it "I just want to feel better about myself". You can manifest everything you want in life. Live your dream life! On this journey you become more aware of yourself by applying the Trans4mator and obtain new perspectives on life which will focus the power of your intention and attune you to a higher quality of your life. The Trans4mator helps you answer the question "What is my purpose here?" and begin the life of your dreams and to fulfill your life mission here on earth.

The Trans4mator incorporates effective and simple exercises to use in your life. These exercises work! The energy treatments used in this course are based on the ancient acupuncture and meridian therapy. By tapping, rubbing or touching certain points on your body and at the same time focussing your attention on that which you want to change and achieve, your limiting beliefs are purified. In this process I also incorporated NLP techniques for transformation to help you to change with lightning speed.

We clarify your divine purpose, and discover what is hindering you to follow that purpose and what you need to make sure that that goal easily unfolds. You cannot do this alone. To consciously handle your creative powers you have to influence others to join you. The Trans4mator contains remarkable and simple strategies to receive the support of others. These strategies are far beyond common NLP techniques you may have learned. People act as if your wish is their command. That is because your wishes are also in their highest interest. You communicate with them on the subjective level, where we all are one.

As you can see on this website I am engaged in changing convictions and concepts which do not serve your happiness. I have studied many techniques for that purpose, among which EFT and other forms of Energy Psychology. I soon found out that it does not work to just use affirmations. On the contrary, most people who begin with affirmations, immediately experience that things get worse instead of better. Emilie Cady calls this the chemicalization process. Things can come in a way that upsets you and changes can be experienced as negative. Maybe things drop out of your life to make room for the new, but the process of change itself can have a negative influence on you. The ego, our conditioning, resists enormously. You need a little backdoor to dissolve this resistance. Fortunately I have found ideas and instruments with which to program your subconscious again and eradicate every resistance and inner conflict.

The ideas that form the basis for the Trans4mator are mainly based on "A Course in Miracles" and the Law of Attraction as Joseph Murphy describes it in his book "This is it: the Art of Metaphysical Demonstration" and as Abraham speaking through Esther Hicks has shared with us. The work of Catherine Ponder and other New Thought authors has also greatly influenced me. All these instruments I have combined in the Trans4mator, my unique system for mastery and happiness. It is incredibly powerful!

When your energy flow is opened with this system, health, wealth, abundance and power come to you, completely automatic, you don't have to do anything extra for them. They all come just to serve you, to enable you to enjoy yourself and to make you happy. This is what I experience.

I think you can speak of real success when you are fulfilling your life purpose and thus realizing yourself, confronting life's challenges effortlessly and with inner peace and when your happiness is not dependent on things outside of you. In the course we also review other measurements.

What can you imagine this course entails? Instead of only working with problems, as is usually done, we focus on the cause of the problems. And that cause is you! Or better stated, the conditioning and wrong ideas about life and about yourself you have accepted.

Most worries about money, work, relationships, and most physical problems can be traced back to your destructive conditioning. The things you learned to believe, are in the way of your complete self-fulfilment and realization.

Through the unique, simple and safe exercises of the Trans4mator training you learn the spiritual laws, like the Law of Attraction, and you will smile more often, smile from your heart. Maybe even laugh like a child. People will notice that you look happier and are more relaxed. You will feel more relaxed, free and happy.

By doing the Trans4mator, your integrity increases and you tune into your inner guidance. The conditioning to please others is undone in an easy and pleasant way. You take better care of yourself and are therefore more helpful to others. And you feel better and better about yourself and your life. When you realize that you not only attract what you want, but mainly what your dominant vibrations are about yourself and your life, can you imagine what you will then attract? Your self image and self esteem determine mostly your vibrational level and therefore what you attract. Happy people with self confidence create a happy fulfilling life. You will radiate real strength, while everyone who knows you is aware that you are gentle as a lamb. Your mind will be open for great effortless solutions to the most difficult problems.

There may also be various energetic sensations, because your chakras, your energy centers, are activated. You will feel the energy pulsating, tittilating, and you may even feel energy around your back, a warm fuzzy feeling, like a warm blanket or stove. You'll see and experience things you didn't even know existed!

The results that I have experienced until now with the Trans4mator, personally as well as with clients, have convinced me that the Energy Psychology is a very valuable method. In my work I have greatly benefited from the spiritual cognitive re-interpretation method which I combine with the Energy Psychology and which is based on my experience as a student and teacher of “A Course in Miracles”. We all resist change and that resistance does not dissolve easily. You need a powerful instrument to do that.

In my practice the energy techniques worked successfully with chronic and grave depression, constipation, sleeplessness, fear of public speaking and performing, burn out, eating disorders, weight problems, shame of the body, smoking and other addictions, physical pain and complaints like low back pain, injuries, colon problems, colitis, stiff painful joints, chronic fatigue, tennis arms, headaches and migraine, panic attacks, mental blocks, dyslexia, learning and concentrations disorders, lack of motivation for achievement, fear of examinations, fear of flying, fear of travelling, fear of elevators, fear of highways, tunnels, height and many other phobias, relieving stress, tics, suicidal tendencies, improving the self esteem of abused women and thus their intolerance to abuse, love pain, processing of grief and loss, relationship problems between life partners but also between parents and children, and with co-workers, conflicts in the workplace, and dealing with difficult people, fear of failure and of success, money fears, financial and business problems, improving achievements in sports, like golf scores and scoring averages, too many to list.

The people who have learned the Trans4mator up till now felt it was time to live the life they knew was possible for them. But emotional blocks were holding them back. Usually there is only energetic resistance between us and the realization of our dreams. Resistance that blocks the flow of happiness, health, wealth, power and abundance. We often don't even believe that it is resistance. We see evidence that our belief is really true, don't we? For instance the belief that you have to work hard to make a lot of money. If you believe that ... there is more than enough evidence. Money makes corrupt ... evidence in abundance. That happens to be what you will attract. The Law of Attraction will give you evidence for that!

You're always right! Jesus states in His Course in Miracles: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Usually we want both. Does that make sense? Well, you're always right. Everything here verifies you. To have both, you must be prepared to attract other evidence.

Nothing can come to you without your permission. You attract everything in your experience through your vibrations, which in their turn are a product of your thoughts and emotions. You say for instance: "I don't want this job ... and ... snap! your job is gone! The divine power in you does not judge, it leaves that to you. You should clearly state what you want. Maybe you wanted approval, or nicer colleagues or something else, you didn't really want to lose your job ...

Then say so!

Or you complain about your husband or about a child or your dog and behold, they become more and more unmanageable. You're right again. Your word is the law for your life! We always ask far too little. For God / the Universe each one of our desires is very tiny, the Almighty knows no degree of difficulty. Not even in miracles. Let alone in the mundane routine which usually is our life.

In this course you learn about:
persuasion principles: we use the art of persuasion to persuade our own non-conscious part to let go of old habitual patterns that no longer serve our best interest and to accept new, better ones. Not only is it important to be in rapport with others, it is very important to be in emotional agreement with yourself. How does the non-conscious work? – another view of the world, another vision, helps you to discover who you really are – reprogramming yourself – formulate intentions, goalsetting in a way that works fast and effectively in the form of energetically loaded statements – visualizing your intentions with powerful energy – the fundamental motivations – conflicting intentions, selfsabotage and contra-intentional behavior – new tools – techniques of the Energy Psychology – how far do you go in your pursuit of security, love and approval? – emotional motives like guilt, shame and low self-esteem – energetic exercises – the procedure of the Trans4mator.

We talk about the consequences of your beliefs on your communication. Your body language as well as your vibrations signal what you think about yourself and what your expectations are. What you say on a nonverbal level speaks very loudly, and communicates everything you believe you are.

We do exercises to find out what your beliefs are and to learn to change your state quickly so your visualizations are more effective. We eliminate self-sabotage and resistance that we have traced through Energy Psychology and visualize the realization of your goals and desires. Together we formulate statements you can use to energetically load your future with that which you desire. A beginning toward Mastery.

In this valuable course I teach the students how to apply affirmations effectively, and tools from Energy Psychology, techniques to visualize and at the same time induce the appropriate feeling, the incredibly great effects of gratitude, appreciation and blessing, and how to attract the good things in your life and realize your true mission in life. "Surrendering to your true Self" is key here. It is not just a theoretical, but really a very active course with which you learn to reduce negative influences and restore everything that makes life worthwile …

A course to find your true Self, and grow in your own pace. It consists of 12 lessons to learn to use the power of your mind. In this course forgiveness is also a central theme. Mostly you learn how to make the spiritual laws of life work for you, for instance the Law of Attraction.

You cannot find the combination of knowledge and practical techniques that this course offers, anywhere else in the world. No book or movie or tv program can give you this. You cannot find this information on the internet. Many are investigating mastery, but most who have found the real answers keep them to themselves. They are careful, because the world of ego is not pleased when information about the Truth is easily available.

Perhaps you wonder how the Trans4mator benefits you? If it is worth the money? Well, I guarantee that you that when applied, you will greatly profit from the Trans4mator for the rest of your life. Every lesson contains advice and tips for you. All students agree that “the Trans4mator overdelivers”.

The Trans4mator is for everyone who stays open minded for new experiences and offers you the newest information in the area of transformation technologies, spiritual transformation and a better lifestyle. It inspires you and stimulates you to get more out of life. The Trans4mator also offers you the inspiration and information to enjoy yourself in any life period, and live vital and with delight. It offers you reliable, clear information, elaborate and profound advice, valuable and practical insights.

From my own experience I know that to apply the Law of Attraction correctly and realize your potential in every area, it is required to have the right information and techniques. The Trans4mator offers you exactly the information you need. Keep on reading and see for yourself.

The main purpose of the Trans4mator is to replace external approval with internal approval and feeling much better about yourself. Through this training you feel better, your self worth increases, you function better and you have more energy. When you decide to live happier, with more freedom, passion and power, the Trans4mator has the knowledge and means to help you with this. You only have to take some time every day to become a master over your life. I look forward to our work together.

Thank you for your decision to buy our products.

You can send me an email when you decide to take the course or immediately go to Paypal, where you can pay safely and quickly.

It is now time to re-discover your vitality, radiant health, passion and power. TODAY!

The Trans4mator enables maximal self development. It is a program in which you learn to convince yourself in the first place and built true self confidence. If a little voice in you says “I want this program now”, listen to it and act on it, it will be the best you have ever given yourself. In the course of time most buyers have bought all our products, which include audio CD's and several courses in the Netherlands. That is saying enough, isn't it?

Here are some messages from my clients. Beginning with the most recent story of the miraculous effects of the techniques they learn from me.
A student of mine told me that he had been treating a friend who always had a lot of images in his head, it seemed like 1500 a second, he thought it could be some form of ADHD. The friend reported afterwards that he had become more quiet. Then he began to notice hunches, like the hunch to buy a certain lottery ticket in a shop. And imagine, he won 100.000 euro's, which is more in dollars.

Now I don't want you to think “the Trans4mator will make me rich” (though of course that is possible) because I think that in this special case the man was already receiving a lot of information from outside of this dimension, but couldn't process it and that that was the cause for the overload in his head. Because of the treatment he was able to “hear” better. An extraordinary story, my student said he only believed it because he had witnessed it himself.

The following email demonstrates that there can be quite a struggle after a Transformator course, but also a lot changes. A student mailed me the following message:

“And a little update: it is dramatic to stop smoking. I try too hard, overdo it and am too angry. Whahaha, well, that goes well, doesn't it? Everything else is extraordinary and fantastic. I have such inspiration and joy and enthousiasm. It's like I touch everyone in my vicinity with my “little magic wand” and the joy of the people radiates toward me. Such a delight. So now I keep practicing “perfection”. I assume that if I consider myself perfect WITH a cigarette the problem is probably solved. And of course I keep doing the energy technique but for now I don't focus on smoking.

I have even made an appointment for next Friday with my eldest sister (the alcoholic). I no longer see a reason to judge her and I am looking forward to meeting her again after two years of no contact. A wonderful feeling!

From a participant in the course I received an email from which I publish a little bit here:
Dear Margareth,
Thank you so very much ...
... I am going to read a lot and work more with the material of the course. I try to apply the technique a couple of times every day, I notice that it is very effective with a lot of issues. Things have been very well since I have been with you, I have a more positive view on a lot of things now. Also I met a very nice man and I see a lot of him now. In short, great and even greater! I would love to keep in touch and maybe do some more of your courses. If you organize anything of which you think that it is suitable for me, please let me know.
The course has really changed my outlook on a number of things, I enjoyed the day.
I hope everything is fine with you and I hope to see/hear you soon.

The Trans4mator and taxes.
“I was doing my taxes and discovered I would have to pay what seemed to me a huge amount. I only have a small income and for two days I was desperate. I just didn't know what to do. After another sleepless night, I decided to apply the Trans4mator on this problem. I treated my feelings of rage and the feeling that I was unjustly treated. I also treated my fear of financial setbacks. And then the first miracle occurred: I felt peace. I had released my negative ideas about taxes, the way you taught me and forgiven them. I realized that all of us profit greatly from the taxes and that I didn't have to be afraid, the money would show up. That same day I discovered I have been entitled to an extra payment for years. Of course I immediately applied for it. And i re-read the appendix from my tax forms, because a small still voice was whispering that to me. I am so glad I have learned to hear that voice and listen to it. I found out that I had overlooked something and that I didn't have to pay anything, but on the contrary I received a substantial amount back!” Marianne.

Dear Margareth, I have enjoyed your course and already feel positive changes. I will keep on growing. Thanks again. Marcel

I was surprised that my life was so easily changed. My relationship with my husband had totally improved and there was no more talk of divorce. Months later I still have no more allergy symptoms and my craving for sweets is also gone. Margareth, the Trans4mator is great! Liz

At the phone Romec told me: Through the Trans4mator I have found the energy and cheerfulness of my youth again. The feeling of failure, of not realizing my true potential, is gone and now I am constantly doing new things with enthusiasm. Every urge to smoke grass is also gone.

My doubts about my new enterprise have completely dissolved. It goes easily and is simple to operate. I am also very content with my ability to control myself better. I still feel the negative feelings coming up, but now I have them under my control. Kees

The Trans4mator has boosted my self confidence. I now have an instrument to deal with obstacles that would seem unsurmountable. It used to be difficult for me to take a risk, but now I have conquered my fear and started a business. It immediately took off! Chantal

My kids had nightmares and were often very afraid. I really wanted to help them. The Trans4mator made me see that they portray my own fears and now the peace and quiet in our home increases constantly. I have also gained insight into my own direction in life. Inge.

I really wanted to know how I could attract more clients and what kept me from building a thriving practice. I also wanted to expand my people skills. With the Trans4mator all this worked very well. And it's getting better and better and better. Thank you. Johan

By affirming and visualizing Saskia suddenly began to make a lot more money. She could then afford a new car and a new house. She hadn't counted on the enormous financial setbacks that suddenly appeared and the hurtful reactions of people when she tried to talk about her problems. They would say “well, I would like to have your problems!” She felt very abandoned and no longer accepted. This is a very familiar phenomenon that happens to people who suddenly receive a lot more money. They then get out of their comfort zone, they don't feel at ease with so much money. Their money fears surface quickly and intensified.

Saskia realized this kind of problems are connected to money blocks. She had the idea that she didn't allow herself to have more money, without having to be punished in some way. The feeling of: “Do I deserve this? Am I good enough?”

The Trans4mator training helped her very well to eliminate her money blocks and she now feels a lot better. The people who reacted so negatively on her good fortune have disappeared from her life or their attitude has changed. The fear for loss of money has dissolved and there are now only pleasant financial surprises.

The consequenses of the rape when she was a child never left Jaleh. Also she couldn't talk to anyone, because she was afraid her family would want revenge and that would get them in trouble. The Trans4mator made her feel less vulnerable, she feels a lot more balanced and has dealt with the pain in a miraculous way.

Ava regularly thanks me, by phone as well as through emails. She has overcome her fear of childlessness and now can see that it was that fear that stopped her from getting pregnant. This matter no longer dominates her life and she enjoys her husband and being together much more. She even got a new job, one she never expected. She now knows that the fulfilment of motherhood will come at the right time.

Rene told me that he was reasonably satisfied with his life. However, there was one thing that bothered him a lot, and that was his tendency to procrastinate. More students have this problem. Rene thought this was a very ugly characteristic. The Trans4mator has taught him to handle this inner resistance better and he now also listens better to his inner guidance.

Matthew knows the world of therapists and wrote to me: “Heartfelt thanks”.
First I want to thank you for the session. My compliments for your method. The way you connected with me by tuning into and guiding me, gave me a safe and familiar feeling. You were really there for me.
The session has already brought me more than the many thousands of euro's I have spend on others (use value greater than cash value). Constantly parts of the session come to my mind, can you imagine what is happening on a non-conscious level. I just allow it to happen and surrender to it.
I really enjoyed the way you guided the process, by deeper probing, selecting and telling me affirmations.
United in freedom.

Doris told me on the phone that she was free of toothaches for the first time in years. She had also regained contact with her feelings and found that very valuable. Also she began to dream again. She used to have a very active dream life and years ago that had suddenly stopped. Now through her dreams she received an answer to many questions. She wrote to me the following:

Dear Margareth,
I am doing fine, have the feeling that my inner shoulder is a lot smaller than what is visible now. The problems between me and my mother also seem to dissolve in love. I am still searching, but every now and then I also find. Have begun to ask the Holy Spirit and connect the solutions to that. Am developing confidence.

These last weeks something has changed, I feel more stable after all, have not had tootaches for weeks, after that another period of problems, but I feel less victimized and powerless. Also had a time in which I exaggerated everything, didn't like it myself. I decided to treat my general negativity unspecifically. And it helped.

It kept me awake at night, I was so surprised. I really couldn't think of anything negative.

Even though I still feel that I don't use the Trans4mator enough, I like it more and more. Thanks to you I have received the key to know my emotions and every now and then it is overwhelming, but the tears dry quickly and then everything is alright again. For me it is a pleasant quest, behind every corner there are other things, limitations, new insights to discover.

This is what I was searching. I also benefited greatly from your list with emotional motives, especially in the beginning. Did I mention that from the inside out insights are revealed, that my beloved dreams are back and I can also remember them better and when I am writing my feelings surface easily.

Thank you very much, Margareth, I will keep you informed about my progression.
Kind Regards

Thank you, I have received the books and read them. The contents are not completely unfamiliar, I only have to absorb it better. I also like to read about practical applications. On a small scale I am creating and are the results coming from there? They have to be, no one but me is doing it.

Only the story about money is questionable: if you grow spiritually, your material possesions would also grow. From other therapists I have found out more about this spiritual world or those who think to be on the path and I am surprised that there is apparent hate and envy among them and almost no one can make a reasonable income. How is that possible? I understand that money becomes less important when you experience spiritual wealth, but a decent income would not be in the way of that? Do you have an explanation?

My answer: In your Trans4mator map there are many affirmations by Annie Rix, because I am inspired by her vision. (and exercises to treat money fears). Yes, we are creators, except we create a lot of difficulties as long as we are not conscious.

There is a spiritual law, the law of attraction, that says that you attract everything you focus on with emotion. So you get what you focus on and load with feeling. Then it is not surprising that spiritual people often have lack of money, for they think of lack, believe in it or are afraid of it. Usually they reject it.

I know that from my own experience. When you begin to become conscious, your power increases and money is a stumbling block for many people. The growing power of your mind confronts you with growing problems. Also with growing glories.

Almost everyone on the path believes that money is bad and does not support spiritual growth. We have an inheritance from centuries of believing that poverty would be good and spiritual. And almost everyone on the spiritual path caught that virus. When people read that the Trans4mator is also meant for financial freedom, they often ask me “Margareth, you're so spiritual, why do you write and talk about money?”

They don't realize how they are hypnotized to reject money as something bad, without being aware of that. And the biggest problem is that the more you lack money, the more you want it and hate it at the same time. I work on eliminating those blocks in everyone.

Also most spiritual people are not so good in leading their own business. I had to learn that by trial and error myself. You are a small entrepreneur and you need to know a lot about promoting your services and administration, taxes etc.

I didn't notice any hate and envy, I think that is something personal. I have many therapists as students and I would love to help them to make tons of money and do a lot for people. They want so much to help to make my world a better place and I am very grateful to them. You can believe me, each and everyone of them is wonderful and wants to do good, just like me and you.
A warm greeting from Margareth

Doris wrote back to me:
Thank you very much for your extensive answer. It is amazing how a belief can continue for such a long time. Because I don't just want to develop myself, but of course I also want to make a decent – or more – income.

I keep reading and re-reading, until I have completely absorbed the material. I am faithful to your TRANS4MATOR, it is an infallible way to connect with my feelings and tears; I am forever grateful to you for that.

Thanks again and till the next positive messages.
Greetings Doris

I received a very valuable reaction from Edwin. I publish it here with his consent because it can be a great support for many people with an unfulfilled wish for a child.

Hallo Margareth,
Thank you for your mail. At the moment I am in a huge fountain of enlightenment I want to share with you. In the problem of an unfulfilled wish for a child it is a frustrating and very painful thought that it is an infinite loop: you think that the problem will be solved as soon as there is a child, but what if that doesn't happen? Will the problem always exist or would the pain grow less with time? This was the thought I had at first, but now it has changed.

A lot of families with kids lack peace and happiness, just read the papers. A lot of families without kids are filled with peace and happiness. What is the cause? To answer this question we have to look at the miracle of a child. I have a daughter of 6 and I have worked with children with a mental challenge for years now. When I try to describe the miracle of a child, words fail me. While we believe that a child makes us happy, I can hear a voice in my heart that says: " It is not the physical appearance of the child you appreciate the most, it is the Love that you feel for this child that touches you and that is the essence of the miracle!"

In essence a child allows you to feel that your heart is filled with the love of a father/mother, something that would never appear if there were no children. The function of a child is to let this love flow, because it will show you that it is an inexhaustible source. Right this moment I have the inner source that whispers: "Let me flow to the children!"

Only now I realize that, despite the fact that I have worked with children for years, only now I am beginning to see what their function is. They whispered: "Open your heart for the Love for us and let us come to your heart to give of the Love you have and are!" My God, this is powerful ! That is why I can say: "I am the infinite source of Love and I become happy and blessed by the Love I give to all children around me!" In this way I come out of the trap of the problem of an unfulfilled wish for a child, because through the law of giving more Love will return to my heart, and cause my heart to open up even more for the miracle of a New Life. By giving the love of a father/mother (cause) I create a momentum in time through which My Father can and will fulfill my wish.

While I wrote this piece, a truck stopped in front of my house and stayed here for 5 minutes.
Do you know what was written on it: Baby Planet!!!!!!

Two months later I received the joyous message from Edwin that the IVF treatment was successful this time.

"It is incredible!!!!! This morning we did a pregnancy test and ................. Anja is pregnant! I had a hunch of this, but I did not dare to hope. Afraid of the pain of disappointment, but this past week I had such an extraordinary experience: I realized how special my daughter was for me and even if only three of us would remain, it was allright in that moment. This was what I could learn, to open my heart for my daughter and give her the love I felt.

It is very surreal to read what I wrote to you before, because they were prophetic words. It is done!!! My Father has brought it about for His child and I am so happy.

Remarks by Margareth:
You see here a few aspects of the law of attraction at work. When Edwin realized that it was fine if they did not have another child, what he did in fact was surrender. Not my will, Father, but Your Will be done ... and this surrender is an essential part of the process of manifestation. His conscious decision to express his love for children, no matter what, is part of that. As I wrote to another client with a wish for a child:
'Your subconscious probably says "everything is fine just the way it is, I don't know what will happen if there is a child, it may only bring problems." Therefore you have to convince this fearful part of yourself that it is alright to have a child, that it will not endanger your life or your happiness. Joy has to be part of the creation process, because in this way you signal to the Father that you are serious about it. So if you have an unfulfilled wish for a child, do something pleasant with one or more children.
Also ask yourself if God can have an unfulfilled wish for a child. Would a body be able to stop God from having a child? Can anything in the universe keep you from having a child? Only your belief in that possibility. The Trans4mator has helped me to change my beliefs, to eliminate my fears. Speak with your hidden fears, the hidden beliefs. In "A Course in Miracles" it is written: 'Bring them to the Light, so they can be healed. '

You can have everything you want, even be human in a mortal body, and experience an impossible world that seems godless. You can experience the impossible. The Course says you cannot make it real, but you can experience it. Is that not miraculous? God has given you everything, even the impossible, even that which He does not know and cannot know.

I have many more emails and phonecalls like this.
In this online course we focus on learning to apply your creative power and cleaning up your blocks and fears. A course to learn to look in a different way to the world, to find your life mission and get to know your true Self !

By doing the Trans4mator course you will notice: your only limitation is your belief in limitations. You have enormous potential. Your possibilities are unlimited. You can be unstoppable.


Now is the time for action!

People tell me sometimes that they would like to enroll in the online course, but they can't afford it. They live in lack and what is their priority? How long can you go on living like that? The real question is: “can I afford not to do this course?” You can easily enroll, now of course I don't know if you prefer to do it by email or immediately pay safely with Paypal when you decide to participate.

While we are working on translating the Transformator Course from Dutch to English, I would like to refer all the people who have asked me for help to Anisa Aven, who s a great life coach, with real practical advice for the use of the law of attraction and other spiritual laws in your life and business. Go to her website and receive lots of wonderful free audio's and a free course. Her newsletter is also great and inspires me every time.


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Some subjects are:
- Success techniques including new exercises for goalsetting – reprogramming and condtioning yourself – discovering hidden beliefs – feelualisation - techniques to raise your vibration and games/exercises to motivate yourself and quickly reach a positive state, to relax and feel good.
- Happy people attract more happiness
- How to focus your attention on that which makes you happy and overcome fear of joy
- The benefits of giving
- Making your own audio and subliminals and much more
- Handling criticism and blessing
- Speaking the blessing word
- Trans4mator techniques based on Energy Psychology
- Dogs and cats
- The power of your mind
- Visionboards, Mindmovies and treasure maps
- Tips for parents - LOA and parenting - links to audios and videos
- Psychological techniques like exaggeration, a contrasting example, reversal etc. and a NLP exercise by Richard Bandler to conquer fear.
- A little instrument to measure your own energy levels.
- The therapeutic crosscrawl exercise with video demonstration.

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