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How do you make your own short movies?

Many people who know the law of attraction, notice that it is difficult nevertheless to keep your attention focused on your desired outcomes in stead of on the things you don't want. Our habitual thinking persists in negativity. When I ask people “what keeps you from fulfilling your dreams?” I often hear a statement like the next:
  1. I want too much.
  2. I don't know what I want exactly.
  3. I have conflicting goals and desires.
  4. I don't know how to concentrate and focus.
  5. I am not really passionate about my goals.
  6. I am not sure what I should do first.
  7. I can't stay motivated.
How can you realize the life of your dreams?

In the first place by becoming aware of your goals, which are the experiences and things that make you happy. So it is more about your passion.
Next it is important to begin to see your dreams as concrete and attainable, as well as inducing strong positive feelings about your life goals, if you didn't have them before. Because sometimes people have become so afraid of disappointment that they even dare not be excited.
So what excites you? What makes you really glad?

By regularly watching a video in which your goals are depicted for you, you have a very good tool to support you in this. It helps you to become and stay motivated and to keep your attention focused on your dreams.

To realize your dreams it is necessary to pay attention to them in glad anticipation. With your own video you can do that in an easy, fun way.
In this video you can express the things that are important to you in such a way that it raises your vibrational level. Your feelings become strong and lively.

As time goes by you change and therefore many of your desires and goals change too. You grow and therefore your video vision is never completely finished. That's why it doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to impress someone else, it has to impress you.

Of course you find a lot of such movies at youtube and other video sites, for instance those by the makers of the Secret. Though such general short movies can also be beneficial for you, I advice you not to settle for the words and feelings of another.

You have to focus your attention on that which is most important for you to bring that which you desire as quickly as possible into your life. And it has to be expressed in words that work powerfully for you.

Make your own video's for wealth and abundance with pictures, images, music and words that you choose and compile.

Your video doesn't have to look like it comes from Hollywood. The more you express yourself in it, the more it depicts your feelings, the quicker and more powerful it will take you to the life of your dreams.

The steps:
  1. Make a map in your computer “video vision”.
  2. Collect pictures and images on the internet that reflect your desires.
  3. Collect affirmations you want to integrate in your short movie.
  4. Find appropriate music.
  5. Make a script for your video by first stating your goals and then make a list of the right sequence for the images and affirmations.
You could buy Vision Board to make your own screensaver and movie for the PC. Scroll down for a link to this program. Or design your video vision with Windows Movie Maker (a free program) or Photo Story 3 or a program for slide shows of pictures, like Power Point. Mac users can work with iMovie. A “slide” can last as long as you want, but 3 seconds works good for me. You can also place the text anywhere you want, at the top or bottom or in the middle of the image.
In the beginning you could collect pictures that you may not use and maybe there are pictures you don't like at first, but later you find that they have good possibilities. For instance you could make tubes with a program like PaintShop Pro, that is cutting out part of a picture and paste it in another image.

Along with collecting pictures, affirmations and music you need a list of your goals, what you want to be, have and do in the future.
You can go about this in various ways.
People who are bothered by the feeling that they only know vaguely what they want, could imagine what their ideal life would be like. What would you then do, what would you have, who and what kind of people would you be with?
In the Trans4mator training I give an exercise to determine goals, in which you just write down what you like and don't like. This relates to several areas of life. What do you like in your worksituation, in your finances, relationships, health, society and spiritual life? What knowledge do you want to obtain and what do you want to achieve?

To identify your values, you can also ask yourself: “Who are your rolemodels, who inspires you and why?” Stories and books that have that effect on you can help you formulate what has value for you. Even if you believe that you could never achieve what great figures in history have done, if you appreciate them, they represent an idea that is valuable for you. Explore that idea and absorb it in your list with goals. Even though you may be afraid that you are not suited for that, in the first stage you just have to say what you like, what you value.

Use the things you don't like only when you cannot discover what you do like. For often people only know what they don't like and want to get rid of. All their attention is focused on that. And then it is necessary to take that as a starting point to find what you do like. For as long as your attention is focused on things that you want to get rid of, your vibration is negative and therefore you attract what you find undesirable. In essence you then have “negative goals”. It can be difficult to focus your attention on what you want instead of what you don't want, because you are so used to the last. Habits can be difficult to unlearn, but it is worth the effort.
Substitute your “negative goals” with positive ones. Your video vision will help you to keep your attention focused on your positive goals.

You should also collect pictures of things you have already manifested and that excite you, in order to come into the right state of mind when you look at your movie. Else the things that you don't have yet may induce a feeling of doubt and that is the wrong vibration.

Now make a script for your movie. A movie like that usually lasts 3 to 5 minutes. You can do that in the form of a list. You write the name of every picture down next to the affirmation you want to use. Maybe you also use power words, like light, freedom, peace etc. Always begin with pictures that make you feel good. That would be images of things you already have, perhaps pictures of your kids, your partner, your pets, your possessions and achievements. Perhaps also pictures of people and situations that excite you, for instance great sport moments.

If a buyer needs affirmations, I will send them a list with valuable affirmations about:
Accepting the physical self
Amazing skills in public speaking
Creative thinking
An amazing memory
Fantastic business success
Handling criticism
Learning to love yourself
Weight control
Stop smoking
Let go of the past
Increasing self confidence
Reducing stress

You could just make your own affirmations. You could imagine your ideal life and then write down “in my ideal life I am ...”
Formulate your affirmations as much as possible to express how you will feel. In this way your passion becomes more alive for you.

For instance, if it is your passion to have a certain car, you could write down “I enjoy the car of my dreams, that is perfect for me in every way, in which I drive safely and free.”
Find words that mean something to you. Visual people are attracted to other words than auditory or kinesthetic people. Images, sound and movement play an important role in the way each of these groups use language. Therefore pay close attention to the words that mean the most for you.

To decide what is the most important to you, you will now compare the affirmations. For instance you put “I enjoy my wealth” next to “I love myself more and more and that is wonderful” and you put that next to “I am so grateful for my inner guidance”. Choose the affirmation that means the most to you until you only have one left. That is your number one life goal, that which you value most.

Continue to do this until you have ranked all goals. In this process feelings may surface, which you can incorporate in your affirmations.

The next step is to connect the goals with pictures and images, that are representative for it.

You also find pictures on internet, for instance at scx.hu or stock.xchange.

Now arrange the pictures to tell the story of your life as you want it. Ad affirmations and maybe other text for clarification. Quotes and sayings can also be very powerful. Maybe you can record your affirmations and mix them with music.
Then choose music that backs up the atmosphere of the movie. A movie with inspiring music helps you greatly to move forward with quantum leaps.

If you are planning to publish your movie, for instance at youtube, for now you have to use royalty free music or free music. You can find that on the internet. The music of
is completely free.
For royalty free music you pay once and then you can use the music freely. One of many addresses is: http://www.squidoo.com/freesounds/
It's called Squidoo Lens.

You could also watch your video on your mobile phone. That is easy with Vision Board.

When your video is ready, it is good to watch it twice a day. The first time right after you wake up and the second time before going to sleep. You then remain focused on your passion and that gives you the energy to realize your dreams.
Repeat the affirmations aloud, while you watch the video and imagine that you do, have and are everything you see in the video.

Sharing your video with others.

Maybe you want to share your video with others at Youtube, Myspace or so. However, remember you are doing this for yourself in the first place. Choose images, music and words that excite you and keep you motivated. It is not about impressing others, it is about realizing the life of your dreams.

I made such a movie for a friend and even though it is not technically perfect, it is an exciting movie. In this video she expresses something that is important to her and the feeling that communicates is very inspiring.
When you choose to share your video's you will give others the courage to make their own.

Keep in mind though, that you may not know what will make you truly happy. You can have whatever you want, and you may find out when you have your “stuff” that it doesn't satisfy you. The reason is that the only thing that will every truly make you happy is YOU. You are what you are looking for, and nothing outside of you can make you happy. Because there is nothing outside of you, everything is in you and you are the cause of everything you experience. You are the image maker and the dream ends when you realize Who You Really Are.

I'm always looking for new techniques to help myself and my clients to attract more effectively what we want.

I have now discovered some products that can strongly reinforce our work to consciously create and activate the law of attraction.

The first one is Vision Board. It is a very effective tool for this purpose. You can make screensavers with it, but you can also install your own vision as your screensaver. The image and matching affirmation are renewed every few minutes.
Take a look here. I think that the power of this tool is that making the movie is a great opportunity to define what you want. Clarity leads to power and attraction!
Vision Board is a powerful application for your PC that you can use to consciously work with the law of attraction in your everyday life. It helps you to visualize your goals and dreams
The makers say:
Our Vision Board is the most powerful goal setting and motivation package on the market. Vision Board helps you to visualize your goals and dreams in unique and dynamic ways on your computer screen, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, photo frame, on your office wall, personal website and so on, using your personal dream images. You can combine these images with self chosen Affirmations and Power Words and even your favorite music!. This way, Vision Board assists you in adjusting your belief system to break through any self limiting barriers you might have to reach your goals and create the life you desire. By focusing on your Vision Board on a daily basis with intent and take inspired action you will attract your goals to your reality!

That is Law of Attraction.

Our “Poster Creation Module” provides even more options for self expression. Copy and paste your choice of images, text and shapes onto the canvas of your “digital Poster” on your screen. You can import your personal Vision Board into this Poster creation module and add more images and text to it. When you have finished print it on your own printer, or You can also make a poster of your Vision Board like in the picture and get a huge Vision Board poster produced in a print shop!
The possibilities are almost unlimited!

Order this program with awesome possibilities here!

The second program is the Mind Movies software. They offer some extra features. With this software you can let your video play transparent in the background of your screen, while you do other things on your computer. In this way the images enter your mind subliminally.
The ocean doesn't mind whether you show up with a teaspoon or a pipeline. Raise your vibration, feel good and begin to manifest your future now and create the life you love!


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